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Start of Aikonia's Chapter 5

Our holiday break was over and this new page marked the beginning of Aikonia’s fifth chapter.

Check it out Jan 6

Project: Velyria's First Development Update

Many people have inquired about the status of the alpha release for Project: Velyria, so we decided to update everyone on the state of development and give a little insight into why the game didn’t meet the release date we had promised.

Read more Jan 30

From Script To Page: The Artistry Behind Aikonia

We thought we'd take the time to examine the process of creating a page from our fantasy webcomic Aikonia.

Read more Feb 3

First 12-Hour Livestream Event!

We decided to livestream our work. We had two active streams, one with our developer and writer working on and discussing Project: Velyria, and another with our lead illustrator working on some NPC portraits.

Watch Video 1 Watch Video 2 Follow us on Twitch.tv Mar 8

Sent Our All Rewards To Aikonia Kickstarter Backers!

After a very long wait, we finally managed to send out all the backer rewards from our 2011 Kickstarter campaign.

Mar 11

Announced Professions and Crafting in Project: Velyria

We announced one of Project: Velyria's major features.

Read more Mar 15

Second Project: Velyria Development Update

In this development update, we discuss the features we completed and the features that still needed to be implemented.

Read it Mar 24

April Fools’ Day 2014: Project: Velyria Demo!

We launched and announced the Project: Velyria "Demo." Which was actually just an old flash game re-skinned with Project: Velyria assets.

Check it out Apr 1

Creating the NPCs of Project: Velyria

We wrote an article discussing the process of creating NPCs and how we are trying to include all types of people.

Read it Apr 16

Making-Of The Project: Velyria Announcement Trailer

We shared a four-part series that explained how the Project: Velyria announcement trailer was created.

Part Four Part Three Part Two Part One Apr 22 - 24

Third Project: Velyria Development Update

In this development update, we discuss all the tasks we completed and what remains to be done.

Read it May 21

First Project: Velyria Weekly Feature!

We posted the very first weekly feature. Every Tuesday, we feature a new item, skill, equipment set, or weapon from Project: Velyria.

Check them out May 20

You Can Now Gift Project: Velyria Founder Packs!

We announced a new pre-launch feature that allows players to gift Founder Packs to other players.

Take a look May 21

Fourth Project: Velyria Development Update

In this update, we show off the new character creation UI and announce QIU!

Check it out Jun 7

Aikonia Ad Revenue and How It Affects Us

After almost two months of having a notice on top of our ads on Aikonia, we wrote an article discussing how that affected us and how Google Adsense functions.

Read it Jun 25

First Project: Velyria Screenshot Saturday Post!

We started posting screenshots from Project: Velyria every Saturday.

Take a look Jul 5

Fifth Project: Velyria Development Update

In this development update, we discuss the very complex enemy AI and combat mechanics.

Check it out Jul 23

Launched Project: Velyria's Status Page

We launched a page that Silver and Gold Project: Velyria Founders can access to stay up-to-date on the development of the game. This status page features a list of tasks, issues, milestones, commits, messages, exclusive screenshots, and more!

Become A Founder! Preview Announcement Jul 30

Start Of Aikonia Hiatus

Aikonia goes on hiatus.

Read Aikonia Jun 30

Started Posting Journal Entries on Aikonia

We created a side-story to post every week while the comic was on hiatus.

Read First Entry Announcement Aug 4

Rebranding Tile Isle!

We relaunched and rebranded Tile Isle, a division of MADSOFT Games, with a new team member and new ideas. They also appeared at the PixelPop Festival in St. Louis to show off some of their projects.

Announcement Visit Website Sep 10

Space Chase Gets PixelPop Festival Update

Space Chase gets updated with a new character skin and effect exclusive to the PixelPop Festival.

Play Space Chase Read it Sep 13

Tile Isle Announces SciAnts!

Tile Isle announces their brand arcade game project: SciAnts.

Check it out Sep 24

Second 12-Hour Livestream Event!

We livestreamed for another 12 hours. Our developer and writer working on Project: Velyria in one stream, while our lead illustrator worked on sector backgrounds for the game in another stream.

Watch Video Follow us on Twitch.tv Sep 28

MADSOFT Games Acquires Avillum!

We officially announce the acquisition of Avillum, an online fantasy trading card game!

Announcement Website Sep 29

First SciAnts Development Update

Tile Isle posts their first development update where they discuss the ant designs and some of the game's mechanics.

Read it Oct 1

SciAnts Closed Alpha Begins

The first SciAnts closed alpha begins for Android devices.

Check it out Oct 13

Sixth Project: Velyria Development Update

In this development update, we discuss a lot of UI enhancements and a huge update to QIU.

Take a look Oct 17

MADSOFT Games At Launch Party 5!

We make an appearance at Edmonton's Launch Party where we show off our games and talk about the company on stage.

Announcement Launch Party Website Photo Album Oct 23

MADSOFT Hosts First Edmonton Extra Life Game Jam

We are invited to host the very first Extra Life game jam at the same time as the gaming marathon.

Announcement Oct 25

MADSOFT Games Office Anniversary

We've been at our office in Startup Edmonton for one year!

Visit Website Photo Album Nov 1

New Avillum Website Launched And Legacy Version Released

We redesigned the official Avillum website and released the Legacy Version of the game after polishing it up a little.

Play Legacy Version Website Announcement Nov 2

MADSOFT Store Redesign

We redesigned the MADSOFT Store using the new MADSOFT branding guidelines.

Check it out Nov 10

Aikonia Hiatus Ends!

Aikonia is finally back after a long hiatus!

Read Aikonia Nov 11

New Journal Entry Section Released on Aikonia

We release a new section on the Aikonia website and decide to continue posting the journal entries every Thursday.

Check it out Nov 17

Project: Velyria Joins Gamepedia!

We get an official wiki on Curse's Gamepedia!

Check it out Announcement Nov 20

MADSOFT Announces MADJAM 2015!

We announce a huge game jam event we are planning to launch in 2015.

Announcement Visit Website Dec 18

Project: Velyria Releases Exclusive Holiday Items

We released holiday-exclusive items on Project: Velyria. A tradition we started in 2013.

Visit Website Announcement Dec 24
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