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We are dedicated to building truly amazing games and applications.

Since 2008, MADSOFT Games has worked on both client and in-house projects, developing a variety of games enjoyed the world over.

As gamers, we know the value of putting our players first and we strive to create games that capture that spirit of joy and accessibility.

MADSOFT Showcase Reel

2014: A Year In Review

2014 has been a tremendous year for us. We've had the chance to meet so many interesting people and participate in some amazing events.

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Autumn 2008

Andrew-David Jahchan and Jose Jimenez III meet in an online forum and begin to explore the world of video game development, experimenting with flash development and simple arcade games.

Spring 2009

MADSOFT Games is officially founded in the United States as a limited liability company (LLC). Following the creation of the MADSOFT Community flash portal, MADSOFT Games begins work on various client projects including flash games and web applications.

Summer 2010

MADSOFT Games refocuses on in-house projects, gradually moving away from client commissions. Aikonia, a webcomic precursor to a game of the same name, begins publication. Project: Velyria, a browser-based MMORPG, enters into the preliminary stages of development.

Summer 2011

Me and My Dinosaur 2, a side-scrolling puzzle game, begins development under the MADSOFT subsidiary, Canned Meat Studio. MADSOFT Connect replaces the defunct MADSOFT Community portal.

Autumn 2011

On December 12th, 2011, MADSOFT Games transfers its offices to Montreal, Canada, becoming a Canadian corporation.

Spring 2012

MADSOFT Connect is taken offline and MADSOFT Games announces the creation of a new community website, the Madjestic Network, that will connect all the MADSOFT properties together.

Winter 2013

On February 28th, 2013, MADSOFT Games moves to Edmonton, Alberta and sets up a new office in Startup Edmonton.

Autumn 2013

At the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, MADSOFT Games launches Space Chase, a survival arcade game developed by the MADSOFT subsidiary Tile Isle. Development begins on the mini flash game Diamond Duster. Project: Velyria gets its first trailer. In November of 2013, the development team moves into their new offices at Startup Edmonton.

Spring 2014

Avillum, a fantasy online trading card game, is acquired by MADSOFT Games.

Winter 2015

MADSOFT Games launches MADJAM, a year-long, Edmonton-based event made up of quarterly game jams, to foster growth in Edmonton's game development community.

The Team

Collectively, our team has a plethora of experience in the video game industry with members hailing from such industry leaders as THQ, Ubisoft, EA Games, KAOS, and Juicy Beast.

Andrew-David Jahchan

Battleship Commander
Director & Lead Developer

Jose Jimenez III

Duke of Mankind
Executive Producer

Corina Dransutavicius

Word Conjurer
Lead Writer

Karina Weber



Pixel-Stained Maker Upper



Hunter Russell

Car Toucher
Pixel Artist

Nick Roger

Flash Warlord
Animator & Developer (Canned Meat)

Friends & Partners

Drake Tsui Joshua Tomar David Saulesco Josh Whelchel Katie Tiedrich Paul-Emile Boucher Syd H.
Slack Media Temple Apollo StartupEdmonton