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Me And My Dinosaur is a 2D puzzle-platformer that invites you to join Hunter and his pet dinosaur Rex as they explore a fantastical, sometimes dangerous world. With its breathtaking environments, strange creatures, and perplexing puzzles, Me And My Dinosaur recounts the timeless story of a child, their pet, and the unbreakable bond they share.


2015 - 2016


March 26, 2016

Teaser trailer and website released.

April 12, 2016

Launched the Kickstarter campaign, the new gameplay trailer, the new website, and the Steam Greenlight campaign.


  • Follow the thrilling adventures of Hunter and Rex in a family-friendly, heart-warming single-player story campaign!
  • Jump, swim, and climb your way through over 30 unique levels ranging from mystical forests and sun-bleached deserts to bustling city streets and secret laboratories!
  • Use Dino Treats to solve puzzles and guide Rex through treacherous landscapes!
  • Invite your friends and family to play with seamless, drop-in drop-out local co-op play!
  • Collect, feed, and train 28 adorable Baby Dinos in the Dino Daycare!
  • Play three addictive and challenging minigames to level up your Baby Dino brood!
  • Enjoy a phenomenal score consisting of over 40 unique music tracks chock full of playfulness and charm!
  • Experience the magic with fully-voiced narration provided by the very talented Joshua Tomar (Skullgirls, Dungeonland)!


Teaser Trailer YouTube, Vimeo

Gameplay Trailer YouTube, Vimeo



Awards & Recognition

    Me And My Dinosaur has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "It sounds like a Pixar movie. A happy, snuggly local co-op adventure."
        - Bård A. Johnsen, PSMania
      • "I’m looking forward to this. The game sounds ridiculously charming."
        - Daz, Use A Potion
      • "Cute cartoony artwork & expansive puzzle-filled levels. Who doesn't want to play as a dinosaur?!"
        - Marcus Estrada, Hardcore Gamer
      • "Me And My Dinosaur might just be the cutest game this year!"
        - Trevor Anderson, Mouse N Joypad
      • "A 2D side-scroller that looks bloody adorable."
        - Chris Harding, Pure Playstation
      • "Hunter and Rex from Me And My Dinosaur might be the next best boy and his dinosaur combination since Mario and Yoshi."
        - Nick, One Angry Gamer

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      Me And My Dinosaur Credits

      Andrew-David Jahchan
      Director, designer, & lead developer

      Nicholas Roger
      Illustrator & animator

      Corina Dransutavicius

      Dave Chan
      Audio Director & sound designer

      David Saulesco
      Music Composer

      Joshua Tomar
      Voice Actor

      Josh Whelchel
      Additional Music Composition