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September 28th, 2013



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Something is lurking in this dark and empty Space Station. Can you make it to the escape pod before it catches you?
You'll have to use the station's defences - blast doors, turrets, and delicious Space Cakes(TM) - to stay alive.

Space Chase is an exciting sci-fi themed survival arcade game built in Flixel and developed by Tile Isle and MADSOFT Games, inc. Space Chase is the third game developed by Tile Isle.



Tile Isle began development on Space Chase using Flixel, an open source game-making library.


Development on the game completed and was set to be released by Q2 2012. Some changes in MADSOFT Games's business model lead to some unfortunate delays. The game was set on ice for a while.


Space Chase was finally revived and released during Edmonton Expo at the same time as the new Project: Velyria website and trailer.


  • Pulse-pounding survival gameplay.
  • Three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Insane.
  • Randomized maze-like mine base.
  • Collect batteries to power down your sector and unlock the next.
  • Use blast doors to stop the monster temporarily, giving you a chance to escape its clawed clutches.
  • Fire the Verminizor 3000, Stationary Threat Eliminating Turret, at the monster to slow it down.
  • Activate Space Cake(TM) vending machines to distract the monster from your vulnerable flesh.
  • Zap the monster with your "Saf-T Shield" to escape (just watch that reload time; it's a killer).
  • Teleport away from the monster when you are cornered.
  • Plenty of upgrades to help you escape the monster.
  • Acheivements to unlock on The Madjestic Network.
  • Die a lot.


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      Space Chase Credits

      Andrew-David Jahchan
      Director & Designer

      Timothy Ian Hely
      Writer & Developer

      Ryan Malm
      Early-stage Developer

      Katie Tiedrich

      Stephanie Roberts
      Pixel Artist

      Josh Whelchel
      Music Composer