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Q4 2013



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The Madjestic Network is a platform to bring together all the games developped and published by MADSOFT Games, inc. All our games will be compatible with the Madjestic Network API, allowing you to login with you Madjestic Network account to pick up and play our games anytime, anywhere. The Madjestic Network account allows you to earn achievements and, upon the full site launch, show off your achievement collection. Prior to launch, you will also be able to purchase Madgems, the currency of The Madjestic Network and all our games.



The history of The Madjestic Network is a long and sordid tale. It began in the year 2008, MADSOFT Games had not yet officially become a company and apparently it was the International Year of Languages (who knew?).
The MADSOFT Community website was developed and launched. It not only served as a flash portal, but it also allowed flash game developers to manage their projects through the website with feature such a file versioning. There was also customizable avatars and a forum. With time and experience, MADSOFT Games outgrew MADSOFT Community and the website slowly fell by the wayside.


A rebranding of the community site was launched called MADSOFT Connect. The focus of project shifted to focusing exclusively on MADSOFT Games, LLC. projects and community interaction. The flash portal was removed and the avatars were given a brand new makeover. User profiles were expanded to allow for journal entries, profile comments, and friends. This year allows birthed the (then) MADSOFT Connect API that allowed achievements to be earned through all MADSOFT's games.


It became abundantly clear to the development team that MADSOFT Connect needed further tweaking (not to be confused with twerking). And so, The Madjestic Network was formed. The current focus is the games themselves and what makes games fun to play with others. Leaderboards, earning rewards and achievements, and levelling up will allow players to interact in a meaningful way. While the forum will be removed, profile commenting and journals will remain for users to interact outside the game environment.


  • Hundreds of achievements across the MADSOFT Games, inc. library to collect and display on your user profile.
  • Levelling up by gaining experience playing MADSOFT games or interacting with The Madjestic Network.
  • Activity Timeline on player profiles displays entries for comments, unlocked achievements, levelling up, new journal entries, new friendships, and more.
  • Journal entries.
  • Private messaging inbox and outbox.
  • Purchase Madgems to spend on avatars and in MADSOFT games (in-game items, unlockable features, additional in-game currency, etc).
  • Cute and quirky customizable avatars with hundreds of items to choose from including wigs, shirts, pants, backgrounds, holdable items, and more!
  • Earn unique avatar items by gaining achievements, entering promo codes, and special events.
  • Sell and trade avatar items to gain access to ultra-rare accessories that cannot be bought in stores.
  • Game statistics and leaderboards.


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There are currently no screenshots available for The Madjestic Network. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

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      The Madjestic Network Credits

      Andrew-David Jahchan
      Director, Lead Developer, & Designer

      Jose Jimenez III
      Director, Executive Producer

      Nicholas Roger
      Avatar Illustrator