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Q1 2015



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Project: Velyria is a new browser-based massively-multiplayer online role playing game from MADSOFT Games, inc.

You play as a colonist abandoned on a savage planet, forced to fight a never-ending onslaught of alien creatures. Interesting and exciting missions send you deep within the caverns that sprawl beneath the surface of Velyria. The gameplay is dungeon-crawling at its finest, with randomly generated maps for each floor in Velyria's vast subterranean network. Battles follow a turn-based battle system, creating a balance between intense strategy and hack-n-slash fun.
You can customize your characters to suit your play style through stat allocation, by choosing between hundreds of weapons and equipment (which can be further customized by chip enhancements), and most importantly, through class selection.

Project: Velyria has four base classes with 36 class advancements:
· The Soldier class is a group of elite military swordsmen. Using blades, they dole out greater damage than the other classes.
· For those who enjoy playing as a rogue, the Recruit class focuses on dodging incoming attacks while displaying deadly accuracy with their Rocket Propelled Bolt (RPB) launchers.
· The Scientist class use their profound intellect to harness the power of nanobots, microscopic machines that can be programmed to deal damage, to inflict a variety of status effects on your opponent, or to heal your character.
· Workers are the armoured tanks of Velyria; they can take a brutal amount of damage and return the favour with a swing of their mighty pickaxes.



Planning for the game began in late 2010. There was a lot of brainstorming, concept art, and research. We were originally going for a fantasy themed browser-based MMORPG that revolved around dungeon crawling, but we quickly dropped the fantasy theme and switched over to sci-fi.


Prototyping and development, lots of it. We came up with a solid design for the game and started building the game's back-end engine and implementing the main elements of the game.


Tons and tons of front-end development, UI design, interactivity, artwork production, story writing, and the such.


We released the new informational website, founder packs, and trailer after unveiling it at Edmonton Expo. We plan on having private betas throughout the end of 2013.


  • Four base classes (Soldier, Recruit, Scientist, and Worker) and thirty-six branching advancements!
  • Randomly generated, yet persistent tile-based maps to explore.
  • Turn-based combat featuring hundreds of class skills and attacks.
  • Dozens of fierce monsters and wicked bosses to defeat.
  • Hundreds of story missions and optional side-missions.
  • Plenty of branching dialogue choices with NPC conversations.
  • Hundreds of weapons, equipment sets, and items to use, craft, and trade!
  • Chip enhancements allow players to modify their weapon and equipment stats.
  • Create or join alliances and work together to unlock alliance-only skills and missions!
  • Five unique professions to choose from, each with their own sets of crafting schematics!
  • Tons of achievements to unlock on The Madjestic Network.


Project: Velyria Trailer YouTube, Vimeo

Awards & Recognition

    Project: Velyria has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "When people say that their game is an MMORPG, I no longer know what that means. If they say that it’s about “classic dungeon crawling and turn-based combat,” then I have a better idea. If they write detailed, monthly posts about the creation of your various systems, then I’m suddenly a convert."
        - Graham Smith, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
      • "It’s browser based and quite interesting if you are looking for something a little different mixed with an old school feel."
        - Lee "Exclamatio", RaGEZONE.com
      • "Don't you dare say anything is wrong with [Project: Velyria's old-school graphics and gameplay] because I like the style (Rough translation)."
        - Jacek Jagusiak, Desercik.pl
      • "Glad that even in 2013, we still have a few developers focusing on something old-fashioned and old-school. One such thing is Project: Velyria (Rough translation)."
        - "Guru", MMORPG.org.pl
      • "If you've been longing for some old-style dungeon crawls and turn-based battles, Project: Velyria just might be for you."
        - MJ Guthrie, Massively (Joystiq)
      • "A very classic looking dungeon-crawler MMORPG."
        - Cory, TechGeekGamers

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      Project: Velyria Credits

      Andrew-David Jahchan
      Director, Lead Developer & Designer

      Jose Jimenez III
      Executive Producer

      Corina Dransutavicius
      Lead Writer

      Karina Weber
      Lead Illustrator

      Drake Tsui
      Character Illustrator

      Monster Illustrator

      Hunter Russell
      Pixel Artist

      Tyvon Thomas
      Pixel Artist

      Ian Schlaepfer
      Pixel Artist

      Nicholas Roger
      Concept Artist & Animator

      Gillian Hall
      Concept Artist

      Paul-Emile Boucher
      CG Artist & Compositor

      Joshua Tomar
      Voice Actor